If you are reading this article, the chances are good that you have a love for basketball. Basketball is a great way to improve physical fitness, develop strong social skills, and learn valuable lessons on teamwork. But there is one thing – mistakes. We will discuss some common mistakes that players make when just starting their basketball career and how to avoid them.

Mistake No.1 Dribbling the ball too high

Most players dribble the ball too high. This is because they are scared of making a mistake (or looking bad) and are trying not to make mistakes. But that is a bad thing. The truth is that there is no difference between making a mistake and not making one – sometimes, you must do it. So, the best thing to do when you get the ball is to take a few steps and then dribble. Take it wherever you see an opening; don’t put your team at risk by trying to make a play. That’s not worth it. If they make a mistake, you may miss the shot anyway.

Mistake No.2 Shooting at the same spot over and over

Very often, new basketball players start shooting from the same spot on or around the free-throw line. This is because they are scared of making a mistake, so they try to be perfect everywhere else but in this one place. The truth is that there is no such thing as excellent in basketball – that’s not how things work. So, when you are shooting, don’t be afraid of trying new things.

Mistake No.3 Shooting too slowly

Many young players tend to shoot very slowly, which makes it hard for them to make shots. This is because they are scared of making a mistake, so they take their time and miss the shot. But you have to remember that there are no mistakes in basketball – just opportunities – so if you’re going to cut it, ignore it already. No one cares if you miss the shot anyway. You’ll get another chance soon enough – that’s what the game is about. So go for it already!

Mistake No.4 Turning up court too slowly

When you are being guarded, there are some things you can do to make your opponent stop focusing on you and start focusing on someone else. One way to do this is to dribble the ball high and run up the court slowly. When your defender sees that, they usually panic and start trying to defend the whole team. This gives your teammates a chance for a better shot.

Mistake No.5 Trying to reach the basket when the shot isn’t there

Many young players try to reach the basket when they are shooting but never really get anywhere near it. If you miss the shot, the chances are good that you’ll get another one soon. So why not give yourself a chance to score?

Mistake No.6 Not reading the defense

When you’re guarding someone else, there are always some things you can do to make them stop trying to score on you and instead focus on someone else. One way is to dribble high, then turn around and shoot fade-always when your opponent tries to come and stop you. This usually makes them panic, and their feet start moving again, which gives your teammate a shot.

Mistake No.7 Shooting on the break

Another mistake that new players make is shooting on the break. The problem with that is that they usually try to go over people and then miss the shot. But it’s more effective to take what they give you and shoot right after them – see if they’re going to play you for a jump shot. If not, provide them with a fade-away. This frees up their defense from keeping track of you and lets your teammates get open shots.

Mistake No.8 Shooting with your feet out

When you are playing away from the basket, most players tend to stop dribbling the ball at some point to get a better look at their shot or not to mess up their steps. This is a big mistake. It would help if you always kept dribbling the ball as you always can do something else with it, try a new move or pass.

Mistake No.9 Not allowing yourself to get fouled

Young basketball players need to learn how not to get fouled. Most times, when they are dribbling the ball, and you try and poke in their direction, it either goes in or gets blocked or does something else that makes them easy shots for your opponents. So, the best thing to do is to learn how not to get fouled. Don’t stay in the passing lane for too long or try and touch a pass or rebound that goes your way because there are many things you can do with the ball after it’s passed. Learn how to make plays, and your opponents will be much less inclined to send you a simple shot.

Mistake No.10 Playing & trying to make a play.

Not every player has it in them to be good at basketball. That’s why most more experienced players don’t even try to make a play when they’re on offense and take the open shot. If you can do that, then you should do it. Just try to be smart about what kind of shot you take. Sometimes it’s better to pass than shoot, and sometimes it’s better to let someone else drive rather than trying to do something with the ball in your hands. There are always options for what you can do with the ball so always be aware of what’s going on around you and then try and make a play.

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All these mistakes can be found in young players. The important thing is that you learn not to make them. That’s the only way you will improve your game and become a good basketball player. So please don’t get discouraged when you make a mistake, because they are the best way to learn what not to do. If you know what not to do, you won’t do it anymore and can move onto something else. It’s all about learning. So that’s it; we hope you enjoyed this article and learned a thing or two from it. Have fun playing basketball!


Q1. What should I do if my shot is blocked?

A1. It would help if you immediately moved the ball back to your own team’s side of the court. If you don’t have a teammate close by who can make a play, then lay it up and pray for a rebound. If you have an open shot on the other end, then take it.

Q2. What should I do if I am dribbling and pass to no one?

A2: You should immediately change direction and dribble towards the basket again. This means that you start moving away from your defender. If your team has a clear shot, then take it.

Q3. What should I do if an opponent steals the ball from me?

A3. It will help if you try to steal it back. Find someone else who can play with the ball and pass it to them if you can’t. If not, then dribble it back to your team’s side of the court.