Since the invention of indoor basketball, many would say that it has grown in popularity and is more enjoyable to play. However, some risks are associated with playing on a hardwood surface, such as falls, ACL injury and other injuries related to being on hard surfaces. With street basketball, you’re able to enjoy the game without risking injury and while also getting a good workout at the same time. Here are five reasons which will tell you why street basketball is better than playing indoors.

1. Free of cost

2. Sense of community

3. You won’t get hurt

4. You’ll be more active

5. Better mental health

1. Free of cost

Streetball is free of cost. You can play on the street for free anytime you want, without worrying about buying expensive basketball shoes, clothing or equipment.

2. Sense of community

Playing in a community is one of the best feelings you can get. It is almost like being a member of your local church, the people you play with are the same age, same country, and they’re also like-minded. You will develop strong relationships with people you play with, which will help you understand what type of person they are.

3. You will not get hurt

You will not get hurt by playing on the street because there are no hardwood floors on the roads. On the roads, your shoes will be in touch with grass and gravel, which will help you absorb any contact to the ground and give you more time to align your body to the bottom so you can save yourself from getting hurt. The environment is also safe because there are no cars on the streets which can run over your foot.

4. More active

Playing on the street, you’re going to be more active because you’ll have to dribble the whole court instead of focusing on one area. You’ll also be more active because you won’t have a fixed playing system like in indoor basketball, where you can stand on one spot and wait for someone to pass the ball to you. In the streets, there are no plays, and there is no point guard and power forward. The point guard is anybody who has the ball, but they will still need help from others to pass it along, which will make them move their body around a lot, and they’ll also have an opportunity to pass it back if they get caught in traffic. 

5. Increases Adaptability

Playing on the street, you will know that you’re going to get all different types of people playing with you, and this will make you learn how to play with different kinds of people. You’ll also have the option to play under the sun or moon because there is no lighting in the streets.

6. No mess

There is no mess in the streets. Nowadays, many people are worried about getting dirty because of the scraping sounds of their shoes, but no one cares about that in the streets because there aren’t any hardwood floors making noise. 

7. No worries about equipment or space 

You don’t have to worry about having enough basketballs for everyone because anyone can bring their own ball. You also don’t have to worry about having enough space because there are plenty of streets where you can play. You don’t need to buy expensive basketball shoes or clothing either because almost all of the street players only wear casual clothing that is inexpensive and easy to clean off.

8. It’s a way to stay in shape

Playing basketball on the streets will be a good way to stay in shape because of all the activity that will come out of playing. 

9. There are no rules

While playing street basketball, you’re going to be able to play freely and do whatever you want. You’re not going to have any referee looking over your shoulder and telling you what you can’t do, which is very helpful because sometimes rules can get in the way of some people. Some people will stop playing because they don’t want to get penalized for something they didn’t even mean to do.

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In conclusion, street basketball is better than playing indoors. You can play with other people in a street game without paying for sneakers or a nice uniform like an indoor basketball. Also, you can play with whoever you want without having to worry about getting injured because hardwood courts are complex, and injuries may occur from falling on them. It is also a plus that you can get a good workout at the same time while playing because of the running involved with playing streetball.


Q. Do I have to play on a hardwood floor?

A. You do not have to play on a hardwood floor, but some people insist it is safer because you don’t risk injuring your foot. You can also play on an indoor court as well and be safe.

Q. When is the best time to play street basketball?

A. The best time to play street basketball is when the weather is warm. Warm weather is good for practicing, and you can also play in the morning, late at night, or any other time in between.

Q. When is not a good time to play street basketball?

A. If you live by the beach or have little natural light to practice your game by, then it’s not a good idea. If you live near or in a place where there isn’t much traffic, such as a college campus, and if no people often visit that area, then playing street basketball would be safe because people rarely pass through that area.