Development Mistakes

Costly and inadequate basketball training can be a problem that young players make as well. Young basketball players need to focus on making progress in their game as they train. Don’t just take team practice or any other basketball practice lightly. The only way you can improve your training is to take it seriously and work hard at it, even if it’s something you want to try. 

Here are some mistakes young basketball players should work to avoid.

1) Not Practicing the Right Way

Young players tend to overwork. They try to learn everything at once and haven’t developed the perseverance they will need as they train in the future. They are not only committing themselves to a lot of different things at once, but they are also not training correctly and trying to become the most valuable player on the basketball court all by themselves without taking teamplay into account. 

2) Not Tracking

Young basketball players should keep track of all of their training. It’s not enough to just work out and hope for results. Tracking the workouts will help them see what kind of progress they are making over time. Just because they are on the court doesn’t mean that they are getting stronger. They must also be working out in the weight room.

3) Lack of Discipline

Young basketball players need to stay dedicated, remain focused, and work hard to achieve their goals. It’s easy for them to go off track if they don’t have the discipline to achieve big goals. All young people need the discipline to progress as athletes. Fine athleticism doesn’t come cheap, and it needs to be worked on. 

4) Lack of Passion

This points to the motivation. Young basketball players need a burning desire to be the best, a source of motivation to achieve their goals. The biggest mistake young people make is that they don’t know what they want to do. They lack the passion that pushes them forward towards their dreams/goals. They think about it and ponder on it but don’t take action to achieve what they wish to accomplish with basketball. For those serious about the game, watching big-time players like Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James in the NBA can prove to be a source of motivation. 

5) Not Taking Responsibility for Mistakes

Young basketball players need to understand that when they make mistakes, there are consequences. They need to take responsibility for their errors. They must learn how to be self-reflective to learn from their mistakes and improve as a person. 

6) Not Learning From Others Who Are More Experienced

Young basketball players need to find someone more experienced than them and learn what they are doing well and what they do wrong. Young basketball players should pay attention to how people are improving their game by watching the games of professional basketball players. Whether you’re learning from a coach or observing basketball team lineups in the NBA, it’s important to aspire to have those better skills in the game. Otherwise, any player is bound to become stagnant with their progress. 


Training Mistakes

If a rookie basketball player doesn’t know how to implement the right techniques, they will likely end up hurting themselves in the future. Student-athletes need to understand that they should take their time and not rush into working out. The more they work on skill development on the basketball court, the better results they will have. 

1) Shooting off Balance

One of the most important things that young basketball players learn is how to shoot. They need to know how to extend their arms and legs to achieve better shooting form. A shot with the right balance gives them a better chance of scoring. Basketball shooting is a key skill in the game and should not be undermined. The catch and shoot motion doesn’t always work, especially if you haven’t practiced it before. 

2) Dribbling Too High

Young basketball players need to practice dribbling the basketball to be effective with their dribbling skills. They must learn how to dribble a basketball without losing control. By practicing dribbling drills, they can improve their ball handling and thus increase their chances of scoring and having success on the court. Once players get the hang of the basics of dribbling, moves like the crossover dribble are easier to pull off. 

3) Weak Shot Selection and Inconsistency

Young basketball players need to understand when to pass and when to shoot. If they don’t take their time to learn when the best times are to shoot, they will be inconsistent on the court and unsuccessful.

4) Defending With Arms Instead of Feet

Young basketball players need to learn how to guard with their feet. They have to learn how to defend without their arms to be effective on the court.

5) Not Holding the Follow-Through

Young basketball players need to take their time after they shoot to get better results. They need to learn how to hold the follow-through properly for both basketball dribbling and shooting.

6) Focusing Only on Offense Rather Than Defense

This is a common mistake. If you want to become a better basketball player, you need to become an all-rounder on the court. Some would argue that defensive drills are important but should be practiced in moderation with the offense.  

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The biggest mistake that young basketball players make when they start is not knowing what to do. It can be easy to blame others for their mistakes because they don’t know how to execute the things necessary for success properly. 

The most important fact for young basketball players to remember is that everything is a learning experience. There are always key points that they can improve, no matter how experienced they may think of themselves or how well they work out in the weight room.