So you want to improve your ball-handling skills, but you’re not sure how to do it? Let’s take a look at some of the top instructional tips for improving ball handling at home.

Stationary Basketball Training Dribbling Skills:

1. Wall touches crossover dribble

Place a basket on the left side of any wall. Stand about three to five feet away from the basket directly in front of it. Then, dribble at your average speed with agility, but keep bouncing the ball off the wall on the opposite side of you for about ten minutes.

3. Back to the basket
Stand about five feet in front of a wall and a basket in the back of you, with both in view at all times. Now, dribble at your normal speed and throw it up and back down in front of you to complete this basketball practice drill. 

4. Half-steps in the air
Now, stand about six to eight feet away from a wall with a basket on the opposite side. Then throw your ball up in the air, but don’t move your feet for this basketball dribbling drill. 

5. Sideways to the basket
Standing about five feet away from a wall with a basket. Throw your ball up in front of you while walking sideways at your normal speed for ten minutes. 

6. Sideways off the wall
Stand about five feet away from a wall, throw your ball up in front of you while dribbling left or right for ten minutes. 

9. Rebound and put back
Stand about six feet away from a wall with a basket on the opposite end, then bounce your ball off of your hand for ten minutes. 

Practicing Dribbling:

The first thing you should start off a game of basketball with is the basic ball-handling drill. It’s a great drill to practice your dribble moves and can be done anywhere. All you need to do is take a basketball in one hand and dribble it around in a big circle, going back and forth between legs. This is a great drill that’s not only simple but also very useful in terms of learning how to handle a basketball confidently. 

A lot of the dribbling fundamentals of basketball techniques repetitions that you’ll see are made up of various combinations of these 3 coaching tips: 

One of the best ways to practice dribbling drills is to get a ball and a pair of shoes. Practice them in front of a wall, where you can see how far your reach is. This will help you learn the rhythm that’s required for dribbling and passing. Here are some additional tips that can help you get better at it:

When you’re working on straight-line dribbling, try using the three-pointer rule: when shooting a three-pointer, if you can’t hit it from where the ball is in mid-air, then you should try again with another shot at that spot. This will help improve your toughness and hand-eye coordination. While practicing your dribbling, try to do it at different speeds. This will help with your hand-eye coordination. If you’re working on your dribbling against a wall, try doing the drill while standing in different parts of the room so that you get used to running across multiple spaces. You can also work on this by practicing more than one dribble at the same time. Try doing both a push and a pop by going up and down with each leg. Also, try going up and down using only one foot without touching the floor with the other foot in between each push or pop.

How Long Should You Practice Dribble Drills?

If you’re just starting out working on dribbling drills, try to practice for about fifteen minutes each day. Over time, increase that time to thirty minutes each day. Try to work on your dribbling drills at least twice a week. Do this for at least six weeks before you begin working on passing drills. This is because you’ll need the muscle memory and the rhythm of the dribble before you can perfect your alternating skills. It can also take longer than six weeks to develop those skills if you’ve never worked on them before, so make sure that your first goal after six weeks is to learn how to pass effectively.

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Basketball dribbling drills are a fun and straightforward way to improve your dribbling skills if played out daily. Playing basketball games, doing dribbling drills, and practicing them at home can help you become more skilled and move better on the court. It is essential that you emphasize mastered playing basketball dribbling skills during your childhood because these skills will help you build a more robust and more powerful body for your sport of choice.