Basketballs can leak. They can leak a lot. And they don’t only leak when punctured, but the seams can also weaken eventually and allow air to escape from within, leading to a slow but steady loss of inflation pressure. So, if you’ve got a basketball, and it’s getting flat because of one reason or another, this might be an issue to solve.

The steps in this article are intended for repairing a basketball that has leaked air through its seams. Having done these steps once before, I’m confident that the results are worth the effort.

Fixing a Leak

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This guide covers most of the common basketball leaks and leaks that we’ve encountered; we hope we’ve given you an idea of whether it’s something you’ll need to fix or not and whether it’s something that can be fixed easily. If you’re an experienced basketball player, this will likely be something that can be fixed on your own; if you’re a beginner, I would highly recommend having the valve pins replaced by a professional.