It is essential to consider the type of basketball hoops available, how many people it will cater to, and if you can lift them. Here are some factors in the basketball system to look at before you buy:

Portable Basketball Hoops

A portable basketball hoop is just that. It comes in parts that you can assemble, then take down and move to another location. You can use it on a driveway, on the sidewalk or a variety of surfaces. They are lightweight, so this is an advantage if you have to set up your goal more than once.
These are usually made from aluminum with some weight added to the base, which remains stable even if someone has a bad shot. It can be used by all family members and kids at parties or on the school playground.
The portable unit is available in three heights – 7′, 8′ and 10′ – which means you can find one to suit everyone who wants to play basketball outdoors.

Components of Portable Basketball Hoops

1. Portable Basketball Hoop Bases
Portable basketball hoop bases are usually made from metal. They can be either one-piece or two pieces. For one-piece bases, there are various ways of assembling the base. One way is to use bolts for joining the ground, while another is to use screws for making the base. Disassembling this type of base is easy but not necessarily quick.
For two-piece bases, the base can either slip together or screw together. This type of base can be disassembled quickly by taking apart but may not be as sturdy as the one-piece base.

2. Portable Basketball Hoop Support Poles
There are usually two support poles used with portable basketball hoops – telescopic and extendable ones. Telescopic poles are collapsible, which means you simply push them down for storage or pull them out when assembling your goal. To disassemble them, you might need to unscrew the joints to take apart the sections, depending on how it has been made. Extending poles do not fold; they simply slide out to increase the height of your basketball hoop.

3. Portable Basketball Hoop Rims
The basketball hoop rims are made of steel which is good for bouncing the ball. The rim is usually curved to make it easy to catch the ball, which you can use for different skills like shooting and putting. Rims of portable hoops are typically put 4″ to 6″ away from the wall, depending on the level of your goal.

4. Portable Basketball Hoop Backboard
The portable basketball backboards are usually made of glass, making it easy to see the score and bounce off it. Backboards can either be fixed or one piece. Most portable goals have fixed backboards, but some have interchangeable ones – you change them with different colors – so that you can personalize your goal to suit your decor or theme.
If you want a portable basketball hoop and still want a good view of the game, look out for one where the rim is at least 10 feet from the ground, with a transparent backboard. Another option is to use one for indoor or low-traffic areas where no cars are driving by.

In-Ground Basketball Hoops

The in-ground basketball hoop is a system of ramps to elevate the ball, which you can set up anywhere. For an in-ground hoop, you need to find a good spot for it, preferably near the road where you will not be disturbed by traffic.
If you plan to buy one for an indoor game, just make sure it is at least 10 feet away from the wall so that the balls do not bounce off into your property.
Components of In-Ground Basketball Hoops

1. In-Ground Basketball Hoop Bases
The in-ground basketball hoop bases are typically made of galvanized or cast iron. They are solid and durable, so they can stand up to the pressure of repeated use. When assembling your hoop, you simply put the base into the ground and fill any gaps with concrete.
This type of base is heavy, but you do not need to worry about getting knocked over because it will not move once it is in place. Some models come with wheels for moving them when necessary, or you can leave them where they are because they are difficult to tip over when used correctly.
There are three different foundations of Indoor basketball hope bases. 
1)Direct Burial
2)Ground Sleeve
3)Anchor System

1)Direct Burial
Direct burial means you simply set your base on the soil and leave it there for the long term. With this method, you do not need to fill up any holes or put down any foundation. You might need to assemble the base pieces first before setting them into the ground so that they are easier to handle.
The advantage of this type is that you do not need any tools or extra people to help you with assembly.

2)Ground Sleeve
Your base comes in two pieces for the ground sleeve that you can simply slip together without using tools. You then put these into a dish on the bottom of your hoop like a hole cut out of the ground, leading to a concrete foundation below it. Once you have set your goal, you fill in the dish with concrete. This is a straightforward type of installation but not as stable as some other methods. This is also more expensive since you need to hire a contractor.

3)Anchor System
With an anchor system, your base will be bolted into the ground using anchor bolts on either side of the fence hoop base. The bolts are usually made of galvanized steel which means they are durable and robust enough to withstand weathering over time. You typically need at least two people to install this type of surface, which is very stable but not always easy to assemble.

2. In-Ground Basketball Hoop Support Pole
The support pole is made of galvanized steel, which makes it strong and flexible enough to withstand the backboard’s weight. They are usually two pieces – one for the bottom and one for the top – with a screw joint to join them. The bottom piece is anchored into a foundation, while the top is assembled with a central screw joint.
For climbing-type hoops, you can use an extending pole made up of telescopic sections joined together by a screw joint. In addition to reaching different heights, this type of pole also lengthens as your child grows taller. This means that you can change its size easily without having to disassemble it entirely or break down your goal.

3. In-Ground Basketball Hoop Rim
The in-ground basketball hoop rims are made of galvanized steel, making them strong enough to withstand repeated use. They are either framed or curved, depending on the type of hoops you have. Framed rims have a frame attached to the pole with several screws, while curved rims are ones that simply curve over the length of the pole.

4. In-Ground Basketball Hoop Backboard
As with backboards for portable hoops, they can either be fixed or one piece. If it is one piece, this means you can change the color to match your decor easily. Some backboards are designed to fold up for easy storage, which is handy if you are not using it. Ensure that an in-ground hoop comes with instructions on how to assemble it correctly, especially if you need to work with a contractor.

How to Find a Suitable Basketball Hoop?

To help choose the right basketball hoop, you need to remember that in-ground and portable basketball hoops can be set up in indoor or outdoor play. If you plan to use it indoors, then the hoop should be within 10 feet from the wall and one that can fold up for easy storage. If you are planning to use it outdoors, then it is best if the hoop is portable so that you do not need to disassemble it every time you want to move it.
You should choose a hoop that can withstand the weather and has a strong foundation for a permanent installation. If you plan to play the game a lot, getting this type of goal is also advisable because it will last longer. Remember that in-ground basketball hoops are more expensive than portable ones, but they are also more stable and often do not need to be moved.
Whether your choice is for kids or adults, second-hand basketball hoops are just as good as new ones so long as they were well maintained. 

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An in-ground basketball hoop is better than a portable basketball hoop. This basketball hoop is not only safer and more long-lasting, but also you don’t have to move it around. As a result, it’s a bit more expensive than a portable basketball hoop. Because of that, many people prefer to buy portable basketball hoops because they think that they’ll never play enough to break a permanent hoop. This is a wrong idea because playing too little can also break hoops’ construction and play too much.