Basketball has been around since the 1800s. It is an American invention and has become a prevalent sport across the world in recent decades. The popularity and demand have grown because of its high competitiveness, earning potential, youth sports-related attractions, and sheer enjoyment. With this boom in popularity, basketball accessories have also risen to new heights, with different players looking to improve their game through what they wear on their feet and what they put on their heads.

Following Are the 15 Must-Have Basketball Accessories

1. Sticky Mat

This is a must-have for any basketball player. It prevents the ball from slipping out of your hand and keeps you from having to make the punishing jump shot every time. The extra protection is also valuable for your knees and back since it keeps the basketball from touching the hardwood surface you are shooting.

2. Headband and wristband

A headband or wristband is recommended for dribbling the ball. It provides an extra grip on the ball that keeps it from slipping out of your hand. Many players also wear a sweatband around their wrist to wipe away sweat when playing in hot weather.

3. Arm sleeves

These look like ordinary sleeves, but they are more like padded gloves with extra padding around the shoulders and elbow. The padding can be worn all over or just partially over any one of the joints. They allow for better mobility when you are dribbling the ball and making fast movements in all directions.

4. Foul shot socks

These are different from ordinary socks, made with extra padding where the ball hits your feet during foul shots. They are especially great for making long shots from a distance and keeping your feet away from any injury during practice or game time.

5. Footwear

Basketball shoes have evolved from heavy lace-up boots to lightweight, high tops. Before you choose yours, consider your playing style and what features will be most beneficial for you in games of your level.

6. Water Bottle

Whether you play indoors or outdoors, you will need a water bottle to stay hydrated. Whether in a gym or school, the atmosphere is not always conducive to taking breaks to drink water. The consequences can be dangerous during games and practice if your head gets too heavy from the lack of fluid in your body.

7. Grip powder

Grip powder is designed to keep your hands in good condition. It makes certain parts of your hands dry during a long practice, so they’re not affected by sweat that would otherwise ruin your shot. The powder can also be used to help prevent blisters while playing basketball-related sports.

8. Kneepads

These pads help prevent injuries to your knees and other joints that are likely to occur when jumping or landing on the floor. When wearing them, your knees will feel as if they’re in a padded sleeve.

9. Net

The basketball net is a must-have for any basketball player at an intermediate level or above. It can be used to help you shoot free throws or layups, although it is recommended that you use training nets while practicing free throws.

10. Bag pack/bag

A bag pack has many pockets on the inside to hold all of the basketball equipment that you will need for practice and games. You can wear it over your shoulder, and it’s also easy to carry to and from the car during games or practices.

11. Earplugs

These are recommended for basketball players who choose to participate in theatrical practices. You must use earplugs to protect your ears against the hard surface of an indoor gymnasium floor and ensure that your teammates don’t shout at you during practice.

12. Rope and tape

A large nylon rope is needed for practicing free throws and layups, as it reduces the effort of holding a heavy ball in the air. It is also helpful in measuring and marking distances. A tape measure helps determine the distance between any two points, especially when practicing your free throws.

13. Air pump

This is used to inflate basketballs during games and practices. It is a simple tool that can be stored after use, making it easy to store and carry around when needed.

14. Basketball

The basketball is the centerpiece of this article, but it doesn’t need much explanation. Use it to play indoors or outdoors, for games or practice.

15. Portable hoops and backboard

This basketball accessory is excellent for shooting free throws outside of school or home. It provides a complete basketball-related experience in one package and allows for a realistic practice environment that can be used at any time of the day or night.

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Basketball accessories are some of the most important things to take with you on and off the court. They make basketball easier and more fun to play, so you can focus on winning games instead of wondering whether your teeth will fall out from being hit by the ball or if your shoes will fall apart.

You now have fifteen things that are necessary for any basketball player. All of them come highly recommended by professional basketball players who know how vital they are in making you a better player.


Q: What accessories do I need when I practice shooting free throws?

A: You can use any small ball, but in a pinch, you can use a softball or other small ball which you have for another purpose. These are inexpensive and can be found at most sporting goods stores.

Q: How do you make a ball go where you want it to go?

A: You can do this with many things, including polystyrene balls from a local arts and craft store. You need to find something that is hollow and soft enough to fit into the gymnasium. You can also make a ball by tying two tennis balls together with string or athletic tape.

Q: What kind of air pump should I get?

A: It does not matter what brand you get; it can be as expensive or cheap as you want it to be. However, you may want to buy one that will last for a while.