Basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports, with millions of players participating around the globe. This makes it challenging to know which game is best suited for you. Luckily, some great games will help improve your basketball skills and fundamentals, build self-confidence and improve your life in general.

1. 1 – ON – 1 

Two or more people can play this game. It is an intense game that requires quick thinking and strong dribbling skills. One teammate stands at the end of each line, and it is their job to guard their player. The players will dribble the ball up and down the court, trying to score against their opponent’s player guarding them. The person who scores 10 points first wins. You can slow it down by making the lines wider and having only one person per line, but it will probably be more intense if played with 2 – 3 players per line. 

2. Cutthroat 

This game is a fun way to practice shooting under pressure while building teamwork and teamwork skills in general. There are 2 – 5 players involved in the game, depending on how many people are playing. One player will be selected to shoot, while the other players stand on the opposite end of the court. The shooter will have two shots before they must pass it over to one of the other players. The player with possession can shoot it or pass it off. They can’t dribble or touch the ball again until all of their team members have taken a shot. If they miss or pass, then it is their opponent’s turn. This continues until all players have taken two shots each.

3. Target Basketball 

This is a great game for introducing new skills to beginners and practicing them for experienced players. The object is to hit the target with three balls in a row while getting past your opponents and making the basket. It is an excellent fitness and strength training workout for basketball players and great for improving hand-eye coordination and improving overall dribbling and passing skills. 

4. Two-Minute Drill 

This game is designed to encourage teamwork and concentration while focusing on basic dribbling skills. Two players stand at each end of the court with a ball in each hand while standing on either side of a cone that starts at the center of the court. They will advance by dribbling through cones in their respective half of the court, attempting to score when they reach their goal cone. The players will pass the ball back and forth to keep their opponent working while at the same time trying to dribble faster. If you are playing with three or more people, you can stand at different spots around the court.

5. Parallel Bars 

This game is played using two parallel bars across from each other, with a basketball hoop set up behind them. This game aims to get the basketball through the hoop by executing basic dribbling techniques used in real-life situations. These include bouncing it off your knee after bouncing it off the ground, bouncing it off your hip after bouncing it off your chest, bounce passes with your hand, and chest passes with your hand. The player must complete each dribbling technique before moving on to the next bar. 

6. Liftoff 

This is an excellent game for improving overall strength and conditioning, focusing on dribbling skills, and working on your reflexes. The game’s object is to bounce the ball off of your head and through the hoop while trying to avoid being hit by your opponent. You can call out “go” once you’ve bounced the ball three times or by saying go after bouncing it two times. If you are hit before going three bounces, you’re out, but once you reach three bounces, then it’s your opponent’s turn to try to hit you first.

7. Dribble Knockout

This is a great ball control drill, with the object of hitting the ball off of your chest. The player must bounce the ball on their chest three times before passing it to another player or completing a dribble by either bouncing or passing. If they miss a bounce, then it’s their opponent’s turn to try to hit them to keep going. 

8. Rush Hour 

This drill is excellent for improving basketball skills and conditioning while strengthening your core and working on dribbling skills. The players are divided into groups of 3, 4, or 5. They will take the ball in opposite directions, using different dribbling techniques, passing techniques, and ball control techniques. It’s a great way to improve team-building skills as well as overall basketball skills.

9. 2 on 2

This is an excellent game for improving basketball skills and building self-confidence. Two players are chosen to form two separate two-person teams, who then go against each other in an intense competition. The game’s object is to score against their opponent by getting past them with the ball while also ensuring that their opponent does not hit them during the process. If a player gets hit, then they must fall and start all over from the center. At the beginning of each round, players switch teams to no longer playing with their usual team members. This way, they will have to adjust to a new situation and play more intense defense. 

10. Pressure Shooting Game 

This game is excellent for improving shooting skills, building confidence, and working on team-building and teamwork skills. The object of this game is to score as many points as possible in a given amount of time, typically 2 – 5 minutes, depending on skill level and desired intensity level. One player starts at each end (or line) with only one ball. They will do a series of 3 – 5 dribbles and shoots before passing the ball to their counterpart on the other team. The team who scores first wins and wins a point for every point their female counterpart scores.

Is There a Need for Basketball Drills?

Basketball is an easy sport to implement into a curriculum because it is a low-cost, high-impact sport. To be effective, however, it must be taught as a series of small elements. An excellent way to do this is using basketball drills as a foundation for teaching key fundamentals.

Often those who use basketball drills make the mistake of teaching the drills as though they were teaching the skills directly. Instead, you should conduct the drills as practice for specific skills, which can later be built upon with skill-building activities and exercises.

The drills should be designed to be challenging but not impossible. The exercises should also be designed to match the skills of the children. If they are very young, you will want to use board games and masks to help focus and attention spans. If they are older, you will want to make the drills more difficult. Be careful with making them too complicated, or you run the risk of your kids becoming frustrated or discouraged.

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It is concluded that with these ten games you can improve your basketball skills. You can apply these drills in your basketball practice to improve your basketball skills. They are practical and will enhance your performance in the court. So get up and play!


Q1. How Do I Know Which Type of Drill Is Best for My Players?

There are many different types of basketball drills. You will want to choose one that works best for your players’ skill level. If you are starting with young children, there is no need to use advanced drills. Instead, start with basic drills and work your way up to advanced drills.

Q2. How Many Periods Should My Players Practice and Play the Games and Drills?

The rule of thumb is that children’s skills should be practiced for about five periods each week. A good practice routine will include both skill development and game-timed practices.

Q3. What Kind of Basketball Is Used in the Drills?

You can use any basketball for your drills, as long as they are free of bite marks or cracks. You can even use a volleyball if you wish.